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The Rise of Digital China Heats Up Competition in Europe


The rise of China as an economic power is little secret, it has been the predominant story in geopolitics for the past decade. Through a formidable manufacturing base, the country set itself on a path to overtake the United States as the world’s l...

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Zachary Owen Digital Transformation, Change

Making Technology Accesible is Key to Growing New Markets


There is a tendency within tech circles to focus on the most cutting edge innovations without worrying too much about if such a product is yet to have a place in our world. We have made stunning advances over the past decade in terms of AI and rob...

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There's a Revolution Underway in Banking


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Digital World Business Congress (Madrid), a conference aimed at discussing the most innovative and cutting-edge technology companies as well as the most disruptive products and solutions. I was pleased...

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Zachary Owen Digital Transformation, Digital Transformation & Change Management

Blue Oceans and New Markets in the Age of Digital


Blue ocean strategy has become a staple of business theory. Globalising markets are increasingly characterised by competition that spans across borders. Companies can simply no longer afford to rest on their laurels when it comes to progress and m...

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Dear companies: Stop trying to be cool on social media and embrace your weird side.


Social media is hard work. It has become something that all companies feel obliged to do but many will often not see the benefits. It is a type of marketing that has been dominated by young exuberant brands that find it to be an incredibly useful ...

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Could Amazon one day be the only company a consumer needs?


Imagine you could only shop at one company. One company to satisfy as many of your needs as possible. At any other point in the past century, such a question would’ve sparked a heated debate as there was no clear answer. Nowadays however, the firs...

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Zachary Owen Future Trends, Data

After Cambridge Analytica, new data legislation is the chance for marketers to regain public trust.


Our digital footprints are everywhere. For as long as we have been an active participant in the online world we have been leaving traces of our identity across the web. It seems harmless, after all what can truly go wrong when dropping the odd lik...

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