Tips for interviewing your candidate more effectively


Julia König Application, Job Interview, Career...

Do you often feel like you are not able to find the right candidate for the job? Or even the other way round, where you think you found the perfect candidate but it turns out wrong? Apparently, there are some things you have to take into account while interviewing candidates. Because research shows us that you have to be very aware when it comes to the next points.

There are candidates that walk in your office very confident, self-promotional, giving you compliments and talk about the same things you are interested in. Research shows that those candidates have one thing in common: They are more likely to be hired. Like it or not, but candidates who show off what the can, might get the job.

Another thing you have to take into account when interviewing a candidate is the timing. Apparently, we tend to be more judgemental when we interview our third or fourth candidate because we already made up our mind about the previous ones so we are likely to be more critical about the next ones. It is important to stay objective as an interviewer and review all the positive and negative points of the candidates you’ve interviewed before making a decision. Sure, it’s also about gut feeling but it is important to stay objective and give the same opportunity to everyone.

Last is confirmation bias or the urge to close the deal. It is possible that you often feel tired interviewing candidates a whole week in a row and that you are really motivated to seal the deal. Again, don´t miss out on chances, staying objective is very important here, take your time and eventually you’ll find your top candidate without any doubt!