Why utilities should become digital


Julia König Digital Transformation, Future Trends, Change...

The utilities sector is not renowned for fast movements and fast changes, it might be even considered sedate. But lately, I read so much about digital change in this sector and I am astonished by the possibilities digitalisation offers to it, despite all the challenges that it brings. We recently had an interview with a Senior UX Designer, working as a consultant for big energy companies in Belgium.
She pointed out that the problem often is, that technology in those enterprises changes rapidly, whereas the company culture does not. Meaning, that there have to be a changes in the team´s mindsets, as well, to make digital transformation happen. Often that is where the problem lies.

However, each study and article about digital transformation in the energy sector shows, that there are great opportunities for utilities along the value chain, as it can improve productivity, reliability, compliance, etc. It can also have a great impact on the Customer experience, e.g. to provide an enhanced two-way communication with the customers or a better customer service that is easy to reach.