Working and living in Madrid - our consultant Adriana


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At Conversion Talent, we recently opened an office in Madrid. We asked two of our colleagues why they chose to work in Madrid, what a day at Conversion Talent in Madrid looks like and what activities you can do in the capital of Spain. This week, you can read Adriana’s story.

This is Adriana, she is a 29-year old recruiter specialised in Digital Analytics, who was born in A Coruña, Spain. She did a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, followed by a Master’s degree in Human Resources. She has lived in Lima for three years and her passion is travelling to Australia, Canada and the USA.

Can you describe your working day at the office in Madrid?

Every morning I come to work by train. It takes me around 30 minutes, which is a pretty good time for Madrid. Our office is a co-working space and it opens at 9 in the morning. We start with our ‘daily SCRUM meeting’, where we set our priorities for the day. Afterwards, we have a delicious breakfast so that we are prepared for interviews with potential candidates, follow-ups with clients, looking for new profiles on LinkedIn…

What is so special about working for Conversion Talent, what are the main advantages?

What I really like about working at Conversion Talent is the multicultural environment. It’s a fun thing to say that I work with a French-Finish, a Montenegrin and a Dutch colleague in an office in Madrid for a Belgian company. Also, Conversion Talent is a flexible and dynamic company that grows very fast.

What are your goals for the near future?

My main goal is to keep growing as an international recruiter and have the biggest community of Online Marketers in the Belgian market!