How knowing your personality can help your career


Julia König MBTI, Teamwork, Career...

In our company we did it. We all took the Myers-Briggs Test (MBTI) to identify our personality traits. An interesting approach and I guess we all learned something about ourselves. Answering the questions in the test divides peronality characteristics into: Introversion/Extroversion; Intuition/Sensing; Feeling/Thinking; Perceiving/Judging.

The MBTI gives insights in ways of working and how colleagues can better interact with each other. Of course, it doesn´t tell you what to do with your life or which career path you should take. But it helps you understand that there is no right or wrong in a personality and to understand yourself a little better. It might even help to accept your weaknesses and build upon your natural strengths that are in your personality.

So you get stressed with many people in a room and need time alone in the office to recharge and work quietly? Then you might have a preference for introversion and should be aware of that.

Just try it!