Is your hiring strategy too reactive?


Julia Konig Recruitment, strategy, Career...

In the article “If You Want to Hire Top Employees, Get Proactive” it says: “A study from the staffing firm Robert Half revealed that nearly 70 percent of employees said that even if they weren’t looking for a new job, they would consider an offer if an employer approached them about an open position.
However, most employers take a “wait and see” approach: Only 27 percent of executives do more than just sift through incoming applications when hiring for an open position. Instead of actively engaging with job seekers, 67 percent of the respondents said they typically post an open job and wait to see the resumes that come in.”

When companies start working with us, we often hear that they had been searching talent for a certain position already for a while, but they didn´t find the right person or they encountered other obstacles.

Like that, organisations might miss out finding great experts, although 70% of employees would be open for a job offer even if they were not searching actively for a new job.

It is important to proactively search for talent, when there is an open position and even more important to engage with the candidates. Being only reactive and waiting for the perfect person to come along by chance can cost precious time and money.