The future of electricity - how the sector will change


Julia König Utility, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing...

Well-established companies in the utilities sector are following other sectors, like banks and retails, into digital transformation. This necessary step is already going under great scrutiny and pressure from existing customers and newly active competitors.

Most of the changes are requested by consumers whose expectations and behaviour have changed drastically.”If you have a good product and good service, based on customer research and UX principles, you don’t even need your call center anymore. The ultimate goal is to have a customer journey that is so flawless that there is no thinkable reason for calling your energy provider anymore!” said Miriam Elst, UX Designer, in our interview we had with her.

At Conversion Talent we believe, that to harvest the great opportunities of digitisation, companies need to prepare carefully with the help of experts in two fundamental domains: user experience and digital marketing.