The latest trends in online marketing


Julia König Content, Digital Marketing, Future Trends...

Marketing, digital, online… They all have one thing in common: they’re changing rapidly and are often disrupting businesses. But if you embrace them, they can be a big advantage. According to Jason DeMers, there are a few trends that will rise in importance in 2017. The first one is augmented reality. I recently wrote a blog article about how virtual realitycan change your shopping behavior, so it is no surprise that this is a first trend. Pokémon Go for example took off in the beginning of July last year and the customers were definitely ready for this type of innovation. If you want to know how your shopping experience will change due to this trend, check out this article.

Another trend that is already taken off is live-streaming. Bloggers are going live on social media such as Facebook and Instagram and their followers can ask questions and talk indirectly with them. The next trend is the rise of data visualization tools. More and more companies are analysing the behaviour of their customers and for that they are hiring data analysts. Nevertheless, it is not easy to process this amount of data so data visualisation tools are helping data analysts to evaluate the results.

I also observed the preference for dense content. Articles are now shorter but still have the same information in it, just more to the point. This means that dense content is actually just taking the best information out of a news article to condense it down so that the readers only read the most important parts in a limited amount of time. The KISS principle we always knew for other areas, is actually valid for blogging, too.

All of the trends mentioned above are just taking off and I’m wondering what will be up for next year. Any idea? Feel free to share your thoughts!