Communication at all costs for better UX


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We recently had an with Wim Janssens, UX designer at Monkeyshot, to know why UX is so important for companies.

Wim Janssens has built over the years a well-grounded experience as a UX designer. During his 7 years at Monkeyshot (Digital agency in Antwerp, Belgium), he has taken on many different roles and has worked with all kind of companies which allows him now to work on each project with a broader view, a richer approach and in an empathic way.

 A higher-level approach 

Even if his function is called “User experience designer”, Wim sees himself at a crossroad between the user and his client. He naturally feels concerned by the user, but at the same time, he has learned that you cannot ignore the client’s needs. In the end, his main focus remains the problem that his client is trying to solve. He considers that his job is not only about design or usability, but also about understanding how the solution will fit the business model of the company.

“Sometimes I might even shake things up a bit by recommending a solution that would go against perfect usability if I see that it works better from a conversion perspective. I find it more important to strike a balance between the needs of my client and the user’s ease, than systematically fighting for the most beautiful design or even the best solution from a usability standpoint.”

In order to bring real change in evolving companies, UX professionals need to think beyond design and user experience.

“After 10 years of practice, I’m not that concerned anymore about the final look of the product, as long as it works well and serves the purpose that was defined. And I do not only care about usability, I like to take everything into account, like the brand perception, how it fits in a larger plan for innovation, etc.”, Wim says.

In the end, it is about taking into account all aspects that are important for the consumer.