It´s all about data - and then?


Julia König Big Data, Google, Data...

The article “10 trends that will influence analytics in 2017” showed me once again that gathering data is every time easier for companies but the analysis of the data becomes more complex and more skills are requested from employees. It says: “The demand for data scientists isn’t easing up, and from that a new trend is appearing: the demand for certain skills. Being ‘analytical’ isn’t enough anymore, and some companies now have distinct analytics departments. A traditionally marketing-based role is now bleeding into other realms, with candidates now seeing things like R, the analytical programming language, appearing on job descriptions.”

Ok, then you know what your customer did at a certain time on your website, with what device and where… But how to proceed? Handling this information should bring business for your website and help you reaching the objectives. Especially for paid advertising and if you’re paying money to drive traffic to your site in any way, it is crucial to understand that you’re putting resources into the right places.