What is the life of a consultant like?


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It is hard to give a concrete description of the life of one our constants as the flexibility that the role offers means that people will opt for vastly different things depending on their priorities. That is the beauty of the consultancy route in that it can afford someone the freedom to strike a work-life balancer that is tailored to their lifestyle and commitments. For many, the standard permanent 9-5 model is simply no longer viable or appealing, which is why we see so much variation in the way in which our consultants want to work.

With this in mind, here are some of the most common themes that we see amongst the vast majority of our consultants.

The Job

Our consultants are working at the cutting edge of digital transformation in Europe. They work with the biggest names on the continent from BNP Paribas and ING to the European Commission. Leading companies have woken up to the need to embrace the digital economy and use it to their benefit. Old practices simply no longer suffice which is why their is an increasingly urgent need to reengage with customers online.

Our digital experts have worked on projects that will fundamentally change the future of organisations from a range of different industries. From helping the European Union to connect with citizens and create a more receptive form of governance (through UX Design), to building a

mobile banking app that will be faster and more efficient than anything that has come before in the world of finance.

Conversion Talent is helping our partners to take on the biggest challenges in digital, creating services that are better and more intuitive for the customer.

How long is the average assignment?

There is no simple answer to this as it really depends on the preferences of the consultant as well as the needs of each specific client.

Taking this into account means that the length of each placement can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. For many of our UX consultants, the average placement sits in the range of between 6-9 months with a possibility of an extension highly likely in many cases. It is not uncommon for a consultant to renew their position with a company and end up working with them on a more long-term basis.

People may choose to do this when they become invested in the projects that they are working on. Alternatively, others may opt for having greater variety in the challenges that they are confronting and so want take on a new role at a different company.

Flexibility is really the most important factor. Becoming a consultant means breaking free of the shackles of a traditional contract and embarking on a journey that will offer a variety of different options at every turn.

What is the pay like?

Companies bring in consultants for their specialist knowledge and the value of this is often reflected in the much improved pay that they receive.

The earning potential of a consultant can be a vast improvement in comparison with the pay of a traditional permanent contract. Of course when calculating potential rates, one must account for pay gaps both geographically and between different sectors .

Our 2017 Salary Survey aimed to show the differences between pay across a wealth of digital disciplines as well as industries. One of the key findings was the advantage of opting to take a more flexible approach to work by going down the path of freelance consultancy.

A clear example is shown in the fact that a UX expert in a permanent position on average earns a gross salary €3104 per month. A consult in the same field will earn an average of €510 per day meaning that the potential earnings are far higher.

The first worry that is often cited is the lack of professional stability that the consultancy route may offer in comparison with a more traditional permanent contract.

One of the easiest ways in which to quell this fear is in the fact that specialised digital skills are in high demand amongst Europe’s leading companies meaning that you a consultant will very rarely be out of work.

So why start the journey with us?

We want to be your partner in taking the journey into the world of consultancy. We have dedicated time and effort into becoming the trusted partner of Europe’s leading companies and institutions and therefore feel like we are perfectly placed to open doors to the most exciting opportunities available in the Belgian market.

Conversion Talent is a company that believes that people make digital transformation happen which is why we aim to put your wellbeing at the heart of everything that we do. We want to make sure that you will be placed in a company that fits with your expectations, as well as your aspirations.

With four offices across Belgium and Spain, our limitless ambition is sure to fit with those who are inspired by driving progress through digital capabilities

If this sounds like you, it is time to start your Conversion Talent journey.