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Why join us in Almería?

Selling a capital city is easy because everybody already knows about it. Madrid and Brussels are global melting pots where an enormous mixture of different cultures has meant that there is something for every taste. This has definite advantages and disadvantages as you are able to live with all the home comforts without ever having to really step out of your comfort zone. Globalisation provides a sort of safety net where you are surrounded by familiar sights and brands. It is travelling without the fear of getting lost.

 If however, you are looking to escape the tourist traps and find a place where traditions and customs remain untouched then you should consider going off the beaten track and that is where our office in Almería comes in. It is a place that offers a vastly different experience to our other locations. Whilst vast swathes of Spain’s south coast have been overrun by  expats and tourists from Northern Europe, Almería is a city that has evaded the hordes making the area one of Europe’s hidden gems. If you want to guarantee a truly authentic Spanish experience then this is the place for you. 

So what does Almería have to offer?

The weather

For those looking to escape the rain and dark bitter winters of Northern Europe, Almería offers a refreshing alternative with bright sunshine all year round and a pleasant climate that rarely lurches into the extremes. Winter temperatures often stick around the 20 degree mark with summer days averaging around 30 degrees. The coastal climate of Almería means that that the city is saved from some of the more brutal temperatures often associated with Southern Europe.

Further to this, Almería also has an incredibly stable climate with gradual change taking place over the year rather than the drastic swings in weather throughout the day. This is thanks to the aridity of the region with the city being surrounded by Europe’s only desert meaning that rain is an incredibly rare occurrence outside of January and February.

The beaches

Spain is blessed with some of the finest beaches in the world and Almería boasts some of the best in the country. The city itself is host to a long sandy beach that stretches from the edge of the city centre and up along the Zapillo neighbourhood. Whilst urban beaches are perhaps not everyone’s idea of paradise, the city maintains it to a very high standard making it perfect for an afterwork swim.

It's hard to beat a commute that looks like this.

If you are looking for something more isolated then next to the city is the national park of Cabo de Gata which consists of a dramatic volcanic landscape that ends in idyllic clear waters which is home to a wealth of sea life. The towns and villages dotted around the park each have a vibrant atmoshphere of their own, with a large community of hippies from all over Europe that  come to disconnect from the stress of modern life. From San José to La Isleta del Moro, you will find something unique in every corner. 

Arguably the best thing about Cabo de Gata are the quirky restaurants, bars and chiringuitos that come to life in the spring and summer serving up freshly caught fish and seafood whilst you take in some of Europe’s best sunsets.

​Summer evenings in La Isleta del Moro

The food

The culinary scene of the south of Spain is often overlooked in favour of the northern regions of Catalonia and the Basque Country. That being said, Almería has a vibrant selection of restaurants dedicated to serving the best local produce and is one of the last bastions of tapas in Spain. 

At almost every bar in the city, you are able to order a tapa off a menu that comes free with your drink. Hopping from bar to bar around the city, you are able to try a wide selection of the best food that the region has to offer. The best thing about it is that it is one of the best value for money ways to spend your night in Western Europe with the city’s low cost of living (especially when it comes to restaurant food) ensuring that your cash goes so much further.

If you are after something more formal, then the city has a wide selection of restaurants that hold regular events such as dinners with a wine tasting included. Inviting some of the country’s most prestiguous producers to the region to show off their products makes it a truly special occasion. 

Almería is unable to offer the culinary variety of a city such as Brussels but things are changing in this secret corner of Spain with restaurants increasingly trialling more international cooking styles. Even our own Marketing Manager opened up a German restaurant serving hamburgers and traditional desserts from her region.

Still not sold?

What is so special about working with Conversion Talent in Almería is the ability to combine working in an international office in a region that has held onto its local culture in such a strong way. We are sure that there are few jobs in digital from the Benelux region that combine all the joys of the Mediterranean lifestyle whilst still working closely on a day to day basis with the Belgian and Dutch markets and we think that makes joining our Almería team a unique proposition.

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