An Introduction To Becoming a Conversion Talent Consultant


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Conversion Talent has grown its reputation based on staffing solutions. For five years, we have served as the bridge that helps to connect outstanding digital professionals to the leading roles in the Benelux market. 

We are proud of this hard-earned reputation but we’ve noticed recently that our success in this area can often cloud over the myriad of options that we offer to Europe’s digital experts.

Conversion Talent is far more than just a stepping stone to a new job, instead we see it as company that aims to build strategic partnerships with professionals. We want to guide people through the market, ensuring that they always have access to the best projects available in the Benelux region

Last year we set out on a mission to build a consultancy division that would ensure the highest quality service for both clients and candidates alike. Conversion Talent views consultancy as key to driving forward digital transformation within the European market, helping both national and international leaders to realise their lofty ambitions as they seek to position themselves ahead of the competition in the online economy. 

So what is the issue?

It often comes as a surprise to the candidates that we work with when we inform them of the possibility of becoming a consultant with us. Whilst we may have built a reputation on the back of staffing and recruitment, we have spent the past year laying the groundwork for Conversion Talent to offer a far more holistic set of solutions.

The digital economy is anything but stagnant which is why we also view it as essential that we keep on evolving to the direction of the market the demands of our clients. 

Our small team of consultants have made a flying start, working at some of the most prestigious companies in Europe. They are leaving their mark on projects and building a portfolio that showcases their talents. 


“Digital talent is scarce in the Belgian market. Conversion Talent searched & found several relevant e-commerce/e-marketing profiles that strengthen my team and make Carrefour the first Belgian omnichannel retailer. I can therefore strongly recommend the Conversion
Talent consultant team.”

Jo De Lange, Digital & E-Commerce Director- Carrefour België.


The idea of building a partnership is crucial in everything that we do, and this is more true than ever for our consultancy division. Conversion Talent acts as a supportive influence that helps experts to get priority access to the best possible opportunities on the market. 

We build tailored solutions that take into account the circumstances of each profile. Cookie cutter solutions have not and will never be our style of business. 

The Conversion Talent story has only just begun and building a strong consultancy wing of the company is crucial in continuing to drive forward the transformation of leading European brands. 

If this sounds like a journey that you want to become apart of then we know that there are probably a million questions flying around your head as to how all of this works.

This is why we created a comprehensive ebook to serve as the beginning of the conversation with regards to how you can become one our consultants.

We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing from you. 

Want to learn more about how to become a succesful digital consultant? download our e-book "Taking the leap to Consultancy" here