Recruitment Consultants UX Experts

If you ask me what my favourite country is, I'll tell you that it's Spain without a doubt. So when I graduated with a degree in Industrial, Personnel & Work Psychologist from the University of Leuven, I joined Conversion Talent, working from the offices in Spain.

As a Recruitment Consultant I like to ask difficult questions, that stand apart from the status quo in order to really dig deep into the motivation of a candidate. I'm always thinking of 4 different things at the same time.

The only moment I'm absolutely not thinking about anything is when I paint. Studying paintings gives me the same satisfaction as studying good design & copy portfolio's. And that's why I love my UX & E-communication community!

You can be sure your portfolio is being thoroughly studied & handled with respect before sending it over to the client, don't hesitate to ask for tips as well on how to improve it!