Business Manager

Having graduated with a degree in Political Science, I decided to dedicate myself to the people driven industry by starting as a consultant in a recruitment agency. 

I quickly found out that in order to energise my work, I needed to be in contact with clients to understand in detail their needs as well as their company culture so that I could find the perfect match with candidates who were driven to grow and develop within that role.

I never quit the staffing and recruitment industry but I focused on working for agencies with specialist expertise. I know that finding the right talent in a fast and growing environment is a day to day challenge and I am happy to help my clients by delivering adapted solutions.

I adapt myself easily to all situations and environments. I have that in my DNA! As a child, I lived in different countries because of  my father’s work. Having considerable experience abroad is important for me so when my husband asked me to move to China 10 years ago, it was the beginning of a new adventure!

After 2 years we came back to Belgium, we get married, we renovated a house in Brussels and had 2 wonderful children. The opportunity to go abroad came back in 2018  for my husband’s career, So we moved to Madrid in September 2017 and I now have the great opportunity of matching an adventure abroad with home comforts by working  between the Madrid and Brussels office as a Business Manager for Conversion Talent.