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Personal Consultancy

After fully understanding your business and its needs, we start hunting for the perfect leader. As they might work at your competitor, you can rely on our complete discretion!

Mathias Lamiroy
Head of Executive Search 

+32 (0) 485 08 84 47
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We build and develop UX, Digital Marketing, CRM and E-commerce teams that are able to create such a positive customer experience for the customers of our clients, that more competitive advantage and profit are generated.

We work with successful companies, leading brands operating in different sectors. So we know that it is crucial to understand the client´s needs first and tailor the recruitment process exactly to those requirements. 


Our Digital Team

Our team of 65 executive search consul-tants focuses on finding leaders in the field of digital, online marketing & e-commerce. Breathing digital we meet candidates and clients at the eye.

One Big Community

We worked hard to build a community of great digital leaders in order to provide clients with talented leaders when they need them.

Search in All Sectors

We have experience in finding digital leaders in all different sectors and help companies transform their business.

We find the best digital, E-Commerce, CRM and CX/UX leaders for well-known brands in Europe

Hi, I am Mathias Lamiroy

I am the co-founder of Conversion Talent, Belgiums leading company for business and staffing solutions in digital marketing. 

As Head of Executive Search in the company, with more than 6 years of experience, we successfully helped leading brands fight the war for digital talent on an executive search level. As market leader in interim and permanent executive search, my 65 colleagues and I understand what companies need. We do your search of executives for permanent and interim positions in digital.


Interim Managers

Are you looking for (short or long term) interim freelance solutions? For digital managers, e-commerce managers or a CMO? We help to cover strategy gaps in your teams.

Digital Executives

Are you in the process of digital transformation? Then we find the experts you need to lead your teams towards the change and to build vision, tactics and teams in the era of disruption.


Our Managing Directors Jeroen van Ermen and Mathias Lamiroy just went on an interview with Trends Magazine in Belgium. Read about the challenges to find the right talent!

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