Case Study: Santander Consumer Finance

Case Study: Santander Consumer Finance

Santander is a truly global financial group operating widely across Europe and the Americas. Over the past decade Santander has expanded to become the fifth biggest bank in Europe and continues on an upward trajectory with a longterm strategy to consolidate its position by offering superior banking products and financial services as well as investing in digital customer experience to ensure that their clients have total control over their finances. 

Despite worldwide fame, the company has remained relatively unknown within the Benelux market. Building brand awareness has therefore become key to the growth of their flagship service, Santander Consumer Finance, within the region as they look to attract more customers. They aim to achieve this by developing a online experience that goes far beyond what is offered by their competitors.

Santander Consumer Finance is a company that fully understands the importance of placing digital transformation at the heart of their longterm strategy which is why they chose to partner with Conversion Talent in order to obtain the right profiles to ensure an increase in brand awareness across the Benelux region.

Conversion Talent filled specific roles at Santander Consumer Finance to help drive forward their digital strategy by building a team that fully understood the importance of putting the customer first. These experts are helping the company to offer greater levels of personalisation within their mobile application as well as generate online leads laying the foundation for the business of tomorrow.

The group is taking steps across the board the to improve the digital experience of their customers, including a continuous optimisation of their website and online platform. It this dedication to putting the customer first when building their longterm strategy within the Benelux market that has placed them on the road to becoming a leading player in the region’s financial sector. 

The company is building a digital strategy that will truly benefit their existing and future clients. Conversion Talent looks forward to building upon this partnership by providing the experts that will shape Santander’s success in the Benelux region.

What our Santander Consumer Finance had to say:

"Conversion Talent has proven to be an excellent partner in our search for digital talent in 2018. To compete for these specific profiles, traditional recruiting practices are not enough.

Conversion talent has the right set up with social media, good online networking skills and profound digital knowledge to support the client. The recruiters also speak the language of the candidates.

The team is very knowledgeable, responsive and committed. I really enjoyed working with them and it felt good to be able to hire the talent we looked for within a span of 6 months. Well done Conversion Talent – Thank you!"

-Karine Herrygers, HR Manager, Santander Consumer Finance Benelux b.v.

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