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“If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.”

-Mario Andretti

Experts in digital transformation, Conversion Talent has become the first port of call for industry leaders operating in the Benelux region that are looking to take their online capabilities to the next level. With a range of solutions available from staffing to consultancy, we are able to offer an unrivalled tailored approach that is sure to deliver results.

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  • “Digital talent is scarce in the Belgian market. Conversion Talent searched & found several relevant e-commerce/e-marketing profiles that strengthen my team and make Carrefour the first Belgian omnichannel retailer. I can therefore strongly recommend the Conversion Talent consultant team”. 

    Jo De Lange, Digital & E-commerce director – Carrefour België

  • "Choosing a focussed partner to search and select a Digital Operations Director has proven to be the right way to go. The board applauded the quality of the candidates that were proposed and I felt very comfortable withe process and interaction with the staff and management at Conversion Talent. Even more than that, my new colleague will be onboard sooner than projected."

    -Bart Temmerman, General Manager at Publiq

  • "I have been working with Conversion Talent for almost 4 years now. Again and again, they were able to deliver the best profiles on the market in a highly effective way, with special attention to the company´s culture fit. What makes them different is their extremely professional intake & screening, their use of modern search methodologies and their strong agile approach. I think they are a wonderful partner to have on board and guide the company through digital transformation by delivering the best digital experts when you need them."

    Gunter Uytterhoeven, CMO, AXA Belgium

  • "Corona Direct is evolving successfully into a full digital insurance company.  That transformation takes a lot of digital competencies we don’t have in the team. We need to attract digital talent, which is not an easy job today. Conversion Talent is our partner in this war for talent. Their expertise and network helps us to find the right candidates fast & efficient, both freelance consultants as employees. They are doing a great job. Our digital success is partly thanks to their expertise. Without the right digital experts we wouldn’t be able to become the full digital insurance company we want to be."

    Philippe Neyt, Sales Director, Corona Direct

  • A close & pleasant collaboration and always reachable, that is Conversion Talent’s strength. This is where they differ from big recruitment agencies!

    Eric Lippens, Head of Communication Management, BNP Paribas Fortis


Solutions we offer

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    UX & Digital Design

    Outstanding User Experience is no longer an additional extra, it is a must have. It is not a question of how much a company makes from good design but rather how much bad design is costing them in lost sales everyday. From UX to Service Design. There are the people who make a website a user friendly piece of art as they ensure that customers are able to get everything they want and more out of a sit

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    Data & Analytics

    Industry leaders have always been defined by their ability to make more informed decisions than their competitors.  Superior decision making in the digital economy comes from the quality of data insights which is why these analysts can help streamline a company’s strategy more than ever before. The demand for data expertise is the gold rush of the digital age. From data science to business intelligence, the experts from these fields allow companies to make smarter decisions on strategy that will lift them above their competitors. ​

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    Digital Marketing

    Breakthroughs in technology have opened up an almost limitless way in which to communicate with potential customers. Dedicated digital marketing experts help to get the most out these channels whether that is taking social media usage to the next level or adding increasingly sophisticated layers personalisation to email marketing, they will be sure to help you connect with your target demographic. Bringing some of the traditional marketing methods into the 21st century, these experts guarantee that the first point of contact with a customer be as positive as possible whether that be on social media, search engines or email.

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    Agile & Digital Management

    Digital transformation starts from the top which is why it is essential that the right leadership is guiding a company forward ensuring that there is a clear roadmap with a seamless implementation of digital strategy. Providing a sound vision and delivering digital transformation in the most frictionless way possible, these leaders offer cutting edge management techniques to create cohesive and innovative digital teams.

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    CRM & Automation

    In a highly competitive market, consumers are afforded more choice than ever before when deciding where to purchase their goods and services. It is for this reason that companies must go above and beyond to make their customers feel valued, offering them an unrivalled personalised approach.  CRM & automation have allowed companies to access incredible capabilities but despite investment in the software, very few brands are getting the most out of their systems. Investing in expertise in this area is surefire way to build a better relationship with your client base, helping to turn onetime buyers into brand ambassadors.

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    Leading companies are increasingly seeking solutions from consultants in order to avoid a groupthink mentality. Innovation and speed have become crucial to success in the modern economy which is why we will continue to see a rise in demand for consultants as management look to challenge the status-quo with their organisations. Conversion Talent is expanding its consultancy operation and is on the lookout for the brightest minds in Belgium. We are looking for experts from a range of of disciplines to work with our industry leading clients, helping them in their journey to reach their full digital potential.​

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    Outstanding User Experience is no longer an additional extra, it is a must have. It is not a question of how much a company makes from good design but rather how much bad design is costing them in lost sales everyday.

    From UX to Service Design. There are the people who make a website a user friendly piece of art as they ensure that customers are able to get everything they want and more out of a site.​


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